Main Rules

Last updated 03/21/18


Rules that must be followed at all times

  1. Do not RDM.
  2. Do not spam. Spam: Excessively typing/saying/doing something repeatedly in quick succession.
  3. Do not harass or disrespect others.
  4. Do not minge or Fail Roleplay.
  5. In game currency may not be sold or traded for real life items, currency or credits

    • Fail RP is the act or event your character performs that would not be probable or reasonable in the environment he or she is in. Some examples include:
    • Bunnyhopping Bunnyhopping: Consecutive jumps in a row while moving. If someone is jumping 1-2 times every few seconds, warn them to stop. If they are full-on jumping repeatedly then AOS. Jumping on the spot: NOT BHOP'ing. Ask them to stop first (they may be doing PT jumping jacks).

    • Intentionally putting your life in danger during passive periods.
    • Proning/crouching around the ship without just cause.
    • Saying you have a disease or disorder. This does not include physical injuries.
    • Dancing/emoting while moving around.
  6. If a staff member finds what you're doing unreasonable, you must stop, whether it is explicitly stated on the rules or not.
  7. Do not complain about decisions made by staff in-game or in Global Chat, instead, make a report/appeal on the forum.
  8. Do not avoid any punishment given by staff by any means
  9. Simulations, Training and Tryouts can only be in Hangar A, B and Simulation rooms. Tryouts can also be done in your battalion's bunks. Training can be done elsewhere on the ship, but you hold no authority in said area to "shoo" people off. Additionally, any officer can claim any of the sim rooms whilst WO+ may claim the first floor sim rooms.
  10. Avoid lore names as you may be asked/forced to change names if the need for it arises.
  11. Do not prop block off areas of the ship to build simulations/training's/tryouts. Events are the exception.
  12. Powergaming is not allowed. (Actions in /me that directly affect another or do something that is not a feature on our server.) Ex: /me knocks you out, /me sets blaster to stun, /me climbs this wall. EXCEPTION: If the Host GM during an event allows it, then it's fine.
  13. Try to stay in-character as much as possible, this is a Semi-Serious RP server.


Breakdown for clones and their roles

Clone Troopers

  1. Clones are encouraged to join battalions.
  2. Clones can not use any specialized points until he or she joins a battalion.
  3. At no point are clones allowed to create an "Uprising". Any action like that will be met with in game jail time, and further disciplinary action may include removal from the server, including a ban.
  4. If a member of a battalion gets arrested, only a higher ranking member (2LT+, Jedi Master, Ensign) of that same battalion may bail the individual. No need for the whole battalion to complain outside the jail.
  5. You may join multiple battalions on different characters. If you are an officer in one battalion, the max rank you may hold in other battalions is Warrant Officer.
  6. CT's are not allowed make up their own battalion or squad.

Naval VIP+

  1. Naval command everyone on the ship / planet during events.
  2. Naval can never order troopers to break the clone law.
  3. Naval cannot bail themselves out of jail, or order someone to bail them out of jail.
  4. Naval are to adhere to the advice of the CG while under protection to ensure their safety. CG must still follow orders from Naval during events.
  5. Naval are the only ones who should be pressing buttons on the Bridge / Naval Wing unless incapacitated. (A Game Master has authority at that point)
  6. Naval do not have the authority to determine how another battalion is ran nor can Naval demote anyone from another battalion for any reason.

Jedi Order VIP+ Jedi Server Rules as Governed by the SUP Council

Breaking any of these rules will result in varying degrees of punishment by staff/CG.

  1. Do not use your powers on clones.
  2. Do not command clones to do anything. Exception: Given power to by commanding officers of a battalion or from the Navy Admirals. As well, they cannot command you.
  3. Do not join PVP sims unless given permission to do so by the host.
  4. Under no circumstances may a Jedi use a gun/grenades/stim kits. Lightsaber ONLY.
  5. Do not Force Leap on the SHIP unless it is to enter the Temple atop the ATC, or, during Defcon’s 1-4.
  6. Lightsabers must be: 2 Wide, 42 Long default.
  7. Your character’s name cannot be anything similar/resembling that of a Star Wars character whether Jedi, Sith, or other. OR. Have any rank in it such as “Master, Darth, etc…”

Coruscant Guard

  1. May arrest those who break rules/clone laws, staff should only step in if someone is breaking any MAJOR server rules, or, is a repeat offender that just isn't learning.
  2. Must always put the exact reason the clone was arrested in their arrest messages, nothing vague like "defective clone" or "minge". Ex: "Breaking BHC" or "Bunnyhopping"
  3. Must always warn to stop first, lest it's serious like "Breaking Brotherhood Code".
  4. Senators may bail/pardon individuals for free.

Civilians Group

  1. Naval may allow designated Combat "Civilians" (ie Combat is in their Tag) into Debrief. All other Civilians can be invited if required for the event.
  2. Wookies and Combat Droids are allowed to assist in combat and use weaponry. Hold no authority, even over CT's. Must listen to the clones.
  3. R2-D2 droids cannot use weaponry of any kind. Their primary function is to hack into technology/stim people.
  4. C3-PO droids are translator droids, cannot use weaponry of any kind. Their primary function is translating languages.
  5. All Civilians may "attach" themselves to a Battalion.


Things that you can and cannot do during an event

  1. You may opt out of being in an event but you MUST not get in the way of the event, as well you cannot use any authority you have to tell others they cannot participate just because you don't wish to.
  2. One cannot force Naval/CDRs/etc... to not do something/do something. They can only suggest it to further the event.
    • Naval as well cannot completely shut down an event from happening for any reason. Figure out a compromise or work-around.
  3. VIP's who play event characters must do as the GM Host asks and cannot minge/mic spam/etc... Take the role given seriously, we do not need Droids running around yelling racial slurs.
  4. One cannot make up rules/regulations that would invalidate something from happening which would further events. If you claim that the Republic doesn't allow "this" or "that". Find the ruling and present the evidence to support that claim.
  5. Debriefs do NOT always need to happen after every event.


In character laws that must be followed at all times.

  1. Never assault an innocent/ally. If attacked you may defend yourself. NOTE: You must be DAMAGED! (not just blinded/pushed) in order to defend yourself.
  2. Do not go to the 3rd floor. Avoid the Engine room, and other Battalion's barracks as well. As well do not enter the Gravity Generator or the Shield Generator rooms.
  3. Listen to high ranking officers regardless of battalion.
  4. Do not have your weapon out without permission, and certainly do not point it at innocents/officers/other people.
  5. Do not disrespect/talk down on other battalions, this may result in a full-demotion.
  6. Any breach of Clone Law will result in a warning or an arrest by a Coruscant Guard (CG).


Procedures you need to know when a Debrief is called.

  1. Opening (salute and sit down) - Naval/Commanding Officer/Jedi Master+ PTS - Promotions - Closing Remarks and GM PTS.

  2. Rule of DB: Once DB is called, no battalions may do promotions/loiter in DB during the GM's PTS time.

  3. Opening: Enter DB as soon as you arrive, stand at a chair and wait for the call to Salute and Sit Down. The Naval hosting DB will stand at the podium awaiting the majority of clones to enter and get started, any late arrivals don't matter as long as majority are there. NAVAL THEN GIVE A DEBRIEF OF THE MISSION (what went down, GM's will then relay the information to the Naval to explain IN CHARACTER summarizing the event and results of the mission).

  4. Naval/CO(2LT+)/Jedi PTS: Happen all at once, all those who will be speaking for PTS go up at the same time and line up in the usual spot. 1 per battalion (including Naval and Jedi).

  5. Promotions: Any at all means Naval, Jedi, and CO's (2Lt+) all go up at the same time and do their promotions that way.

  6. Closing Remarks: Tip of the day (optional), and then the Naval will say something like this: "If you wish to speak to the GM or talk OOC'ly about the event, you may do so here, the rest of you are dismissed." GM PTS then happens.

  7. Game Master PTS: A chance to talk with the GM directly to provide feedback and/or give praise. Also to learn OOC'ly about the event and it's story.

Senators may get involved if the debrief goes off course


Information and tips that may help you.

  1. Salute 2nd Lieutenant and above.
  2. Call Sgt and above "Sir".
  3. Open your context menu, select the "salute" command to salute. No /me required.
  4. Breach of Clone Law or leaving the training area as CR will result in detainment & arrest.
  5. Contact staff/admins using @ [message here] (Only call staff if needed for OOC)

Demotions and the Procedure Behind it

Things that could get you demoted from CDR/Lore Jedi/etc...

  1. Prolonged inactivity without LOA or notice.
  2. Negligence or inability to perform the duties of the position.
  3. Failing to follow the rules/regulations of the server.

The procedure behind it.

  1. A Council member of CWRP may intervene if necessary.
  2. Individuals will be warned of breaking of any of the rules above and given advanced notice before demotion/removal.
  3. Commander in the battalion may bring forth the concern for anyone in their battalion.


Actively recruiting or take players away from SUP with the intention of boosting playercount or permanently taking them to said server/community.

  1. This includes taking individuals to a privately owned means of communication with intent to invite to another. Any players caught leeching will receive a perma ban from the community.
  • If you are a staff member you are expected to remain strictly staff on this server.
  • If you are a XO / CDR / Battalion Lead you are expected to only function in that capacity on this server.

Understand that we created this server without needing to leech from other communities. We expect other communities to respect our integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions - (No need to read this unless you have a question)

Frequently Asked Questions on CWRP

Q: Where do I go to get trained? A: Stay in the Spawn Room and you will be trained by a qualified Trainer.

Q: Who can train CRs? A: Anyone with access to the /train command, OR, 2nd LT+

Q: What is 'AOS'? A: Arrest On Sight - This is found above doors, and in areas of the ship. Make sure you have proper authority to enter!

Q: Can a Staff member train a CR? A: Unless they hold the proper RP rank, no.

Q: How do I become a Naval character? A: Buy the VIP rank from the Credit Store (F4 menu) and then attend Naval tryouts.

Q: What rank is allowed to start/end a Simulation? A: 2ndLT+(Clone Army) [WO+ for Lower Sim Rooms], EN+(Naval), Master+(Jedi).

Q: What rank can claim a Simulation Room? A: Refer to above.

Q: What rank can initiate tryouts? A: Refer to above with exception to WO

Q: If someone who can do tryouts is in TeamSpeak but not in game, can they have someone not eligible to do tryouts for them? A: To do a tryouts you must claim a room, if someone is not online and active to claim a room they cannot claim a room.

Q: During events, do you have to listen to the orders of a low-ranking Naval? A: Unless they contradict your CO's orders, yes.

Q: My game has missing textures/content. How can I get it fixed? A: You can check the solution Here.

Q: I donated for credits, but it's not showing up. Who do I contact? A: Private Message a Sudo Root+ on the forums.

Q: How do I change my name without remaking my character? A: Contact a Moderator+.

Q: How do I change my character without logging off? A: Access your Context Menu (default C) and click Change Character. Or type /changecharacter.

Q: How do I have my model changed? A: Contact an Admin+.

Q: How do I report a Player or Staff? A: Go to the Report Center on the Forums and make a post using the provided Format.

Q: If there are no SA+ online, how do I get into contact with one? A: Private Message an SA+ on the Forums.

Q: Who is allowed access to the Engine Room? A: 2ndLT+(with permission), EN+, Master+.

Q: I've been denied/applications are closed for Staff on CWRP. Can I still buy moderator? A: Yes.

Q: How do I go about making a suggestion about adding content to the server? A: Make a post to the Suggestion Section using the provided Format.

Q: If I see someone mass rdming, can I kill them to stop them? A: You may defend yourself, but let a staff member know right away and they will handle it.

Q: Am I allowed to be a minge while being a civil class? A: No.

Q: I got banned, is there a way to appeal? A: If you think you were falsely banned, or you wish to see if you can get it reduced, visit our Ban Appeals section in the correct sub forum, and follow the Format.

This list will be updated as more questions become frequently asked.